History of iPhone

The history of iPhone began with a request from Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs to the company’s engineers, asking them to investigate the use of touchscreen devices and tablet computers. Many have noted the device’s similarities to Apple’s previous touch-screen portable device, the Newton MessagePad. Like the MessagePad, the iPhone is nearly all screen. Its form factor is credited to Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Jonathan Ive. The iPhone beta however was created in 2004 to test its ability towards commands of the Apple team and was called the first iPhone ever but was never released to the public so it was not considered as the main first iPhone. After trials and errors the iPhone was officially launched and accessible to the public in 2007 which was the first iPhone advertised noticeably at the Macworld 2007. In the beginning the iPhone was accessible in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Spain, Italy and South Africa.


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